About Sperveri

About Sperveri

An ancient custom is the laying of the wedding bed two days before the ceremony. Family, relatives and friends gather at the home of the intending couple to celebrate, creating a very warm and happy atmosphere. According to tradition, single girls pave the bed with white linen, pillows and the bridal bedspread. This process is being repeated several times as the groom interferes to undo the bed on the ground that he is not satisfied with the result. This process leads to a more cheerful and lively atmosphere framed by funny comments, laughter and teasing.

Then one or more children are thrown to the bed. This custom symbolises the wish for fertility to the couple. The guests sprinkle the bed with sugared almonds, rice, rose petals, gold and money wishing a lavish life, a healthy and strong relationship of love between the couple.

Sperveri held an important position in the whole procedure. Sperveri is a bed-tent embroidered all in white by the bride with spectacular foliate decoration. The more elaborated and complicated the pattern was the more capable and talented the bride to be.

Sperveri was and still is a symbol of wealth and classic qualities related to family values.

All these qualities of the past, in combination with the romantic/nostalgic style of our settlements imposed the name …. Sperveri Hotels & Villas